About Us

Photo by Cukini Studios

Photo by Cukini Studios

The Anime Iowa Formal has been an on-going event since Anime Iowa 2012, held by Melanie Pope and her crew.  It was an amazing event and the following year added new elements as Mimiru Riley cooperated with them to bring to life characters and a ball cast. 

The ball is run majorly by fans of Anime Iowa and is currently submitted as an event every year. It is not run by Anime Iowa staff at this time, though we may have cast members who are also on the convention staff.

The Ball Cast is a group of characters that are centered around the theme for the year’s ball.  Their job is to bring to life those characters and help the attendees and guests at the ball to feel as if they are immersed in the theme’s universe!  2013 brought mythical fae and creatures and 2014 introduced the Anime Iowa attendees to some of the most notable princes, princesses and villains of Disney’s lore.


While the evening event is filled with dancing, it also incorporates fun and interactive games, prizes, and great cast interaction.

Each year builds upon the last with new and exciting adventures and songs!  

While the ball encourages formal wear and cosplay formal wear, it is not a required thing by any means!  Feel free to wear what you will and just enjoy the evening of romance, relaxation, games and socializing!

We strive to make each year a magnificent time for everyone! We hope to see you at this coming year’s ball!


Photo by Jeremy Leo

Photo by Jeremy Leo


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